Of Light and Darkness is a GoodRead

Have you read the first chapter? Are you eagerly anticipating news on the novel’s release? I’m gearing up to release some awesome news about the first book in the series…but before I do that, I’ve got to tease you with some other announcements…

If you have read the first chapter and loved it, I invite you to check out this awesome site, http://www.GoodReads.com! It’s kind of like a facebook for readers, your favorite authors, and your favorite books. I loved browsing through this site because it’s a great place to review and share my thoughts about other popular reads – hence the name! If you’re an avid reader,  I really recommend that you check out this site. Not only will you be able to discuss books you’ve already had the pleasure of reading…but this site makes it very easy for you to discover new ones too!

So check out Of Light and Darkness’ page on GoodReads by clicking here!

Another fun tidbit for the day is the song that inspired the Charlotte character – our protagonist. At first listen, non-folk fans may shutter. (I’m a rock and roll person myself.) But if you really listen to the gorgeous lyrics and pay attention to their double meaning…as well as Lauren’s melodic vocal line, you may understand why it inspired me! So I’m leaving you with this for now. More soon!


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