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Shayne Leighton’s Debut Vampire Fantasy Novel Get’s Publishing Deal!

Of Light and Darkness is a young adult fantasy Vampire novel set in modern-day Czech Republic. Based on the feature film, currently in development.
Leighton is excited to announce that as of December 31st 2010, Of Light and Darkness has been officially acquired by publishing company, Decadent Publishing (http://decadentpublishing.com) and will be released sometime in 2011! Leighton releases this book noting “it will be the first in a series of five”. She believes that after the conclusions of other popular teen fantasies such as Harry Potter and Twilight, that her independently-published stories just might stand the chance of contending with the “big guys” and draw people in to fall in love with a whole new cast of characters and creatures.

Of Light and Darkness

Abandoned as an infant in Prague, Charlotte Ruzikova was adopted by Valek, one of the last Vampires left alive by ‘The Regime’. Nearly twenty years later, genocide and war conflicts their secret society nestled in the center of Eastern Europe. But when the dictator in power becomes threatened by evil lurking in Valek’s past and the retaliation he plans for the future, Charlotte must find a way to fight for the only one she has ever loved, and the only thing she has ever truly believed in – and all before the sun comes up.

The Book has a Blog: https://oflightanddarknessseries.wordpress.com 

And a Trailer

About Shayne Leighton

When Shayne Leighton graduated the Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr., School of the Arts in 2009, she did not anticipate the success to which her first feature film, The Incubus would grow. After meeting mentor and fast friend, Marcie Gorman, at one of the high school’s productions of Fame, (in which Leighton starred) the two decided to produce what would become Leighton’s launch into the world of entertainment and the written word. The Incubus obtained limited theatrical release in South Florida among popular theater chains such as Regal, AMC, and Cinemark and is now in syndication online. (http://www.incubusmovie.com) Now, almost two years after writing, co-directing, and starring in her second feature film, Leighton receives her first book deal! Leighton is also one of the starring cast members of the fantasy action film “Legend of the Red Reaper”, where she plays the younger sister of the Red Reaper.

Contact Information

http://www.ShayneLeighton.com [Shayne’s official website with links to blog and Facebook.]

http://www.OfLightandDarknessSeries.WordPress.com [Of Light and Darkness Official Blog]
http://www.DecadentPublishing.com [Official website for Decadent Publishing]

Shayne Leighton's Debut Vampire Fantasy Novel Get's Publishing Deal!


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