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Character Interview: Charlotte Ruzikova

1. Are you mortal or monster?

Mortal. As far as I know…I am the only mortal to live among the monsters of any Occult village. But the Regime does not know. When I was younger, I never understood how dangerous my living there actually was. But I never had a choice. I don’t remember living anywhere else, and as far as I’m concerned, the others accept me for what I am. I live here comfortably as the only human.

2. What was your childhood like? Were you overprotected/sheltered as a child? Did you feel rejection or affection from your family?

I had a lovely childhood. I grew up in a happy, warm home with my guardian and my nurse. Valek was always a little overprotective, but I feel he must be in this situation. When I got older, he let up a little. He had to in order for me to hunt for him. But I’ve always felt very loved, I suppose. I would not change it for anything. I have my freedom when I feel I need it…

3. Who exactly does your family consist of?

My family is my guardian, Valek. I do not call him ‘father’. Like me, he is the only one of his kind to live in our Occult town. I don’t remember anyone before Valek, and I am sure there won’t be anyone after. We’ve always just been two pees in a pod in our home at the end of the square. I look after him as he looks after me…and I pray nothing upsets that.

4. What are some of the daily struggles/things you have to look out for while growing up with a vampire guardian?

There aren’t many things that come to mind. My life with Valek is for the most part…easy. There is the issue of me having to go hunting for him on a nightly basis. It is against the law for him to cross the Occult city borders. The Regime has very strict laws about these kinds of things. However, I can imagine how some people might find the fact that I hunt my own kind for my guardian to be a ‘struggle’. I’ve learned not to view it that way. There is also the issue of my own blood…but we try to ignore those things. When it becomes an issue, I simply leave…

5. Would you change anything about the way you grew up/family life?

I think about it sometimes. Would my life have gone easier if Valek had decided to just leave me in the gutters of Prague? Perhaps. But if given the choice, I would not change anything. For the most part, I am happy. Most of my kind never get to know magic. Magic is my reality, and I’d hate for that to change. There are several things I tend to internalize. I understand that. But I love and revere Valek so much that those things instantly don’t seem to matter…so, I suppose the answer would be no.

6. What are some of the things you do for fun?

I love to draw! Whenever I go outside during the daytime I carry my sketchbook with me. I’m not very good at anything else, like the witches in our town. But I am happy to see my world as a coveted piece of art. Also, when I was little, I claimed a waterfall in the woods near our town. I named it “Lottie Falls”. I love to go swimming there in the summers.

7. What is most important to you in life?

If it were not for Valek, I’d be completely alone in the world. I may even be dead. He is the only one I have, and I don’t give that much importance to possessions. All possessions can easily be replaced. Valek taught me that. I’d have to say that he is most important to me.

8. How do you feel about boys? What are your feelings on relationships?

This question makes me uncomfortable. I…don’t know. Next question.

9. What do you consider to be your strengths/weaknesses when faced with stressful situations?

Because of my upbringing (growing up around magic) I don’t tend to give up or stop believing in things easily. To me, there is always hope. I would say that is my greatest strength. I am always an optimist. However, some may view that as a weakness. I also must admit that I am extremely naive…

10. What/who are some of your biggest influences?

Valek is my biggest influence. He’s taught me everything I know. The way I view the entire world is because of the beliefs he’s instilled. Of course magic is a huge influence. It’s hard to believe anything is impossible when you’ve grown up the way I have. But at the same time…things rarely impress me.

“No more dreaming like a girl in love with the wrong world…”

– Florence and the Machine