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The World of Editing and Everything Else

Well, I’m only about half-way done with my first round of edits here. If you’re already an experienced author and are reading this – you are already aware of the painstakingly daunting task for turning your rock into a gem. If you’re a reader and are unaware of the days spent sitting at your computer, while the world passes by outside of your window…welcome! And the first round is just that – the first round. That’s not discuss the several other rounds of revisions that will be made before it’s perfect. Luckily, I’m completely joking about the “painstakingly daunting” part. The truth is, I LOVE this. I think if you’re going to be a writer, you have to be okay with locking yourself in with your computer for days at a time getting lost in your own fantasy. I’m completely in love with my setting, my characters everything. Sometimes (and this may sound a little crazy) it’s like spending time with old friends. I also love my editor, so that makes things all the better too. I’m having fun, and I can not wait for you to read this book!

Last night, I (unannounced) posted another official excerpt from the book, that I want to be my blurb on the back cover. If you did not see the post on facebook, here’s the entire hope-to-be-blurb:

“She heard these last words despite the rushing, like a flash flood through a hollow tunnel that was submerging her. “I love you” rang out so saliently as the rest of her dark world seemed to evanesce into hell. The hissing, the screaming, the pain. And “I love you.” She kept hearing it over and over again until she realized she was speaking the words herself. Too weak to yell it, so it came out in a whisper. “I love you.” She hoped he could hear the thing she wanted to scream to the world. “I love you.” She said for the last time before she melted into oblivion. “

What do you think? Any hypothesis’s (what’s the plural for that word?) on what could potentially be happening in the story? 🙂

I should probably also include the awesome news happening over at my publishing company, Decadent Publishing. They have a fabulous, new project coming soon that will end up to be a sort of cross-over between paranormal romance and rock & roll, which always go very well together! Here’s their official announcement released yesterday:

Decadent Publishing announces the release of a Paranormal-romance fiction anthology rooted in rock ‘n roll and ripped straight off the Sunset Strip.

Run Devil Run, an L.A.-based rock band well known locally for their dynamic live performances, diverse musical talent, and humorous video antics has lent their faces, titles and lyrics as inspiration for a five-book series with the publisher. The stories are penned by popular and award-nominated authors Rachel Carrington, Mari Freeman, Susan DiPlacido, Valerie Mann and Becca Dale, and will be released first in ebook format, then later in print.

“I’ve seen RDR play live several times and they are impressive. When this idea came to me, they were a natural fit. Paranormal romance lends itself easily to the Rock vibe,” says Heather Bennett, Co-owner of Decadent Publishing. “Customers who buy the series off our site will be treated to a free download of the coordinating song so they get the whole multi-media experience.”

Mari Freeman writes,” Music has always influenced my writing, but creating a story, characters and an entire world based on the lyrics of a song has been one of the most unique experiences. The collaboration between Decadent Publishing and Run Devil Run has found a creative way to take that musical influence and share it with readers. Read the book, get the song that inspired it. That rocks!”

So that really rocks, considering perhaps they’ll do more rock and roll cross-over stuff and I sing! woot! haha.

I should probably also mention that I am fickle as hell and I’ve decided to switch it up with a new cover design and some official wallpaper art. I *swear* this is the final final cover. I’m in love with it, and unless I have another fickle moment – which I don’t think will happen – this is it.

So there it is. Those are my updates for now – going to go pick out some songs that Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Qunici Morris from Tantalize would have on her iPod. 😉

More soon, stay tuned!

~ Shayne


Official Website Launch!

Hi everyone!

Since last Wednesday (my appearance on the Jimmy Star Show), a lot of things have been happening with Decadent Publishing, Of Light and Darkness, and a few other projects on my plate.

Decadent announced the release of their first PRINT book – which makes me very excited of course, because I’m obviously very excited to have my own finished product in my hands – tangible, with pages and gorgeous cover art!

Along with a lot of exciting things happening, I have something else to announce that I think a lot of you will be very into. I’ve always thought it important to have a home on the web for readers and fans to gather to discuss that particular book or movie. I’m a sucker for gorgeous, evocative websites that are interactive, and that get people involved.

So I hope you’ll be as excited as I am, because today I am announcing the launch of the official Of Light and Darkness Website!

I’ve included a ton of goodies and features there for everyone to get into. Sarah, our indentured house-witch, has left little notes all over the place for you to follow. If you’re clever, you may stumble upon the locked door to Sarah’s Den – where she keeps all of her magical trinkets and bewitchments. If you wish to make it past the guardian, you’ll need to prove yourself with the answer to an eternal question….

There’s also a bunch of other cool things, like the novel soundtrack, links back to this blog, the goodreads profile, and so much more. And I’ll be updating it a lot – so keep checking back and I hope you have fun!