1. The Vampire’s Daughter

Book 1: The Vampire’s Daughter:

Abandoned as an infant in Prague, Charlotte Ruzikova was raised by Valek, one of the last Vampires left alive. Genocide and war conflicts their secret society nestled deep in the woods of Eastern Europe.
But when the dictator in power becomes threatened by evil lurking in Valek’s past, Charlotte must find a way to fight for the only one she’s ever loved and the only thing she has ever truly believed in – and all before the sun comes up.

“She heard these last words despite the rushing, like a flash flood through a hollow tunnel that was submerging her. “I love you” rang out so saliently as the rest of her dark world seemed to evanesce into hell. The hissing, the screaming, the pain. And “I love you.” She kept hearing it over and over again until she realized she was speaking the words herself. Too weak to yell it, so it came out in a whisper. “I love you.” She hoped he could hear the thing she wanted to scream to the world. “I love you.” She said for the last time before she melted into oblivion.”

*Details on the availability of this book (release, publisher, etc.) have not yet been released. Please check back soon for updates!

Check out more information on the series at their GoodReads.com profile:


2 responses to “1. The Vampire’s Daughter

  • Lisa

    Can you please tell me when this will be released in print? I absolutely have to read this. thanks much and congratulations to you on this!!

  • Shayne Leighton

    Hi Lisa, we are currently working on the release date. All new information will be posted to the blog! 🙂 You can also follow Of Light and Darkness on facebook. I can’t wait for you to read it!

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