The Characters

  • Charlotte Ruzikova

Age: 18

Mortal or Monster: Mortal

Character Bio: The only mortal to live among the monsters in her secret, Bohemian Occult village. Adopted as an infant by a rogue vampire, Charlotte has become accustomed to the nocturnal habits of her beloved guardian. Very well versed in logic and literature, Charlotte hides her intelligence well behind her large, innocent eyes and doll-like features. Will that lovely innocence be corrupted by a lifetime of living amidst the magic?

Read Charlotte’s character interview by clicking here!

  • Valek Ruzik

Age: Unknown. About 100, yet appears to be in his early to mid 20’s.

Mortal or Monster: Vampire

Character Bio: A tortured soul. Valek never wanted to be a monster. Yet, one dismal mistake disguised as a favor to a desperate stranger decided his grim fate. Now he lives for eternity in his secret village of magic and mischief. But one person keeps him from feeling so alone…his adopted daughter, Charlotte…

  • Evangeline

Age: Unknown…and she likes to keep it that way.

Mortal or Monster: Witch

Character Bio: A very skilled enchantress in the art of seduction. She’ll do anything to get through to the vampire, Valek. And even though it seems that many obstacles are in her way, she just files her nails and keeps clawing through. No matter who she destroys in the process.

  • Aden Price

Age: 54 – but appears to be around 18 years old.

Mortal or Monster: Elf – ?

Character Bio: Aden, though he ages about three times slower than Charlotte, has been her best friend all throughout her childhood. Now that she has come of age, could more develop of their relationship? Aden, being a very powerful Elf with a very dark secret, has a few tricks up his sleeve…and he is slowly developing a severe distaste for Valek…

*More characters coming soon!


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